Action Launcher


Is it possible to do an app launcher for actions. I.e

I want the following to happen.

click warranty expiring logo i want it to update column warranty trigger with todays date which will then trigger warranty workflow.

same for jobs left to invoice .

any ideas




wicked, How do I make each logo trigger the correct action ? I can only get it to trigger one action

There are several ways to approach a launcher. The most common is to create a table where each row describes a particular launcher (its name and a button image, at least), and a gallery view atop that table to display the list of launchers. The view itself would be configured with a row-selected event that determines which launcher was chosen and what to do.

How to trigger the correct action given you can only trigger one action: The one action should be of type Grouped: execute a sequence of actions. Populate that action with all the actions your launcher can do. Set the Only if this condition is true expression to only be TRUE for the intended action.

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thanks steve

I currently have an action called “Action Triggers” which changes the column called “Warranty Trigger” to todays date with today()

I have a workflow setup to trigger if column " Warranty" = Today() using “IN(Action Triggers[Warranty Trigger], LIST(Today()))”

But when I click the action it changes the column but the workflow doesn’t trigger

Try changing this:

IN(Action Triggers[Warranty Trigger], LIST(Today()))”

to this:

(TODAY() = [Warranty Trigger])”
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Hi Steve

Running into a few issues. Using expression “(“NO”=On Site Service[Invoiced])” returns “Cannot compare Text with List in (“NO” = ON SITE SERVICE[Invoiced])”

What I am trying to achieve is

  1. If service docket 1 is not invoiced
  2. Then action set service call report trigger in Report Triggers Table to “YES”
  3. Then in the workflow, if Service call report trigger = “YES” run workflow
  4. Then Action set Service Call Report Trigger To “NO”



Try this instead:


The invoiced Column is in a different table to my report triggers.

What columns available in the report can be used to identify the corresponding row in the other table? Is there a Ref to the other table?

nope Report Triggers table is total separate just has columns

1.Report Name
2. Logo3
3. A trigger column per Report Name