Action names on Hover and Mobile

Hy Everyone,

I think this is a bug or something, but it doesn’t seem right at all.
On desktop the feature to display the Name of an action when you hover over it with the mouse works great.
But on mobile, the name displays only when you touch the action, which is kind of useless since you find out what it does after you use it. But what’s really buggy is that the name remains displayed until you touch the screen again.

Is there a way to deactivate Action Name Display at least on Mobile?

To expand:
So I touch an action (to open a form lets say), then the name is displayed and the form is open and the name is still displayed in the middle of the form somewhere, until I touch the phone again.

And here’s the irony in my example.
I have a task management app and for each task I have an action to mark the task as “Done”. But I leave the completed task showing and I have another action pop up to change it back to “Not Done” if I want to. (they are repetetive tasks).
So when the task is Done, I touch the Done action to complete it and the name of the action is displayed - Done. But then the next action pops up in it’s place (which is the Not Done action) but it has the previous name still displayed :)) So I end up with the Not Done action being displayed with the name Done right underneath it … that’s really bad.

Is this happening just in my app? It’s also really recent.


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Hi @sorin_mihai

yes, in the Show_If expression of your action.
The test expression will be:
Please have a look here:

I don’t use buttons the way you do, so I can’t say if that happens only to your app or not. Hence, about your last question…it sounds like a bug to me :slight_smile:
You may want to report the bug on the support contact form:

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Attn @Arthur_Rallu

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Hi @sorin_mihai
Can you specify the following?

  • OS and its version
  • View type where you observe this behavior
  • Button type (display prominently, display overlay, or display inline, or multiple of them)

Thank you


It’s on an Android 10.
In my app this happens anywhere I have action buttons that don’t display their name by default. So on deck view, dashboards and inline.
Multiple button types. However the big lower right overlays don’t do this, they don’t display the name at all on touch.

Here are two screenshots that show what happens.

  1. Here I touch the action button that opens a form to modify settings of that task:

  1. end then here is the form just opened, with that actions name floating around:

Feels really buggy to me. It’s definitely no one’s intention for this to happen I guess.

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I do call as a bug.


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@sorin_mihai looks like a bug.

I have another question: What is that black circle by the ‘Anuleaza’ label?

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Yes, I agree.
I was able to repro on iOS 14.7, but not on Android 11.

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It’s nothing to do with the app.
I basically took two print screen shots of the mobile while pressing the action button. The black dot was the first screenshot popping up at the bottom of the screen as I was taking the second one :))


How do I report a bug? :slight_smile:

But that hides the action itself on the device. I need the action, I want the name of the action not to be displayed when I touch the action.

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The bug has been resolved with yesterdays update :smiley:
Thanks Appsheet :heart: