Action not being able to trigger

I’m currently building an App for transportation records. What I am currently stuck on is:

  1. User A views a slice of record based on some field’s status (i.e. record status as “not received”)
  2. User B changes the record status to “Received”, record updated
  3. Updated record triggers a workflow that triggers an action
  4. The action cannot be triggered because it does not exist in the slice table anymore (Because status changed - Here’s the error message:
    “Errors”: "Error: ‘Execute an Action on a Set of Rows’ Data action ’ ‘Location Action’ for table ‘Delivery Record’ failed with exception ReadRow failed because row having key ‘08/22/2020 10:23:09’ not found in table ‘Delivery’. ",

I couldn’t figure out how to resolve this… could anyone pls help!

This error message indicates that you’re trying to run the action on a record with the key value of ‘08/22/2020 10:23:09’
Are you using the correct value for the key, a DateTime?

Can we see some screenshots of the action, the tables & slices, and maybe the workflow?

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