Action not firing consistently on Save

Hello, it looks like the following On Save action is not consistently firing. Its pretty straightforward On Save - Update the stage of the field. What could be preventing it from firing?

Does the action have an Only if this condition is true expression?

Hi Steve, the action is only what’s in the image

Just to make sure, the failures occur after a form view is exited by clicking Save, right? We aren’t talking about QuickEdit columns in detail views or actions that update Quote Header rows, right?

You’re right. Standard form view, Event Actions Form Saved. You’ve been helping me on the other issue I have here and quite honestly I’m think this could be the source of the issue.

Its very sporadic as in the other issue - sometimes it works perfectly and sometimes it doesn’t.

Perhaps change In Process to "In Process"?

Yep, tried that earlier and we’ve been testing…

Steve unfortunately my transactions always work so I’m waiting to hear back from the client. In the meantime, can you help explain the difference between “In Process” and In Process?

Hi Steve, looks like its still happening. Worst part is users are generating duplicate quotes in hopes of getting one out successfully. I’ll contact support. Thanks

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Without the quotes, there is a chance some or all of the text might be interpreted as function name. With the quotes, there’s no risk of that.

ok thanks