Action not showing: Add a new row to another table action

I have a read-only table that was generated in Google Sheets using a formula, and I’m trying to get an “Add a Row to Another Table” action running on the UX for the read-only table, but the action button is not showing up.

Things I noted:

  • Checking the keys on the table to have rows added: It is a “Timestamp” Column
  • Checking the permissions: Read-only table will add rows onto a table with Update, Add, and Edit permissions.

Yes, this action is not allowed on a Read Only table. As a rule AppSheet doesn’t allow any actions that add rows or perform updates on Read Only tables.

BUT, The “Add a Row to Another Table” Action is operating on a different table and not impacting the Read Only table itself. I can’t think of a reason why it shouldn’t be allowed.

I would consider updating this post to a Bug, though some might consider it a Feature Request.

In the meantime, I think you can work around this problem by placing an Action on the Read Only table that navigates to the entry form of the table you want to add the row to using the LINKTOFORM function. You can pass the data from the read only table to the form. See pic below.

Not ideal if you are wanting a one-click feature. Silver lining - a user verifies the data and can back out if not the row intended and/or can tweak data before the save.


Yup this is what is happening to me.

Thanks for the helpful suggestion, updated this to a Feature Request (can’t seem to label it as a Report a Bug)

Does it work if you change that table from Read Only to Adds and Updated?

Same here. And yes, it shows up when I change the table from read only to updates.

I have the same problem. I think it should be worked on as I also don’t intend alter the read only table but read the data and pass it to editable table. It makes no sense to why it shouldn’t work.

@Aleksi Do we have any updates here? It doesn’t make much sense to me.
Even when the Parent Table is read only, I should be able to use “Add a Row to Another Table” action to the Child Table (which allows Adds).

In my case it’s worse: I have just 1 Table, that allows only Adds. I want to Copy a Row using “Add a Row to Another Table” action. Even this is not possible, although I just use an Add, no update.


@Fabian Let me check this one…

I do agree, it doesn’t seem to allow new record if the Update is not set as well. I will check this with our devs.