Action not taking in account its display condition rule

I have a Detail view with the Header Layout turned on. I placed an action which has a display condition. For debugging purpose I replace my condition expression by FALSE but still see the action.

Detail view


I believe it is a bug since I did not have this issue before.

It causes a major issue on my end because the user is supposed to see this action only during a class that is in progress.

Card views are broken in a variety of ways. I recommend avoiding them. Be that as it may, consider contacting to report this bug.

Attn @Arthur_Rallu


Hmmm this is odd. I thought Praveen fixed that recently.

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Ah I think he might have only fixed it for the Card View. Here this is the Card header for the Detail View.


I actually could not reproduce your issue on my own app.
@teambelair Can you contact if you can still reproduce the issue? We’ll need access to your app to debug it.

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I did contact support. I looked at it more into detail and found the issue. The detail view was using a slice with the Row filter condition: IFS(condition, body)

I changed it to IF(condition, body, TRUE) and the actions are now correctly taken in account the condition.


@Adam, @natalie, who would be the right developer to see this?

@Steve What are you asking here? It’s not clear to me that there is an issue to look at.
Per the IFS() documentation, it will evaluate each condition and then return the body if the previous condition is true.
I think we should update the doc to say what happens when the app creator does not cover all possible outcomes.

IFS(condition, body) should be the equivalent of IF(condition, body, "")