Action on a set of rows:

I’m not sure what the problem is. You should have an expression in the “Referenced Rows” part of the action that produces a list of all of the keys of the rows that need to be acted upon. When you test that, to you get a list of the correct keys?

My problem is that i have only one row filled up instead of the 30 row with the same key.

The same key? Each record should have a unique key.

bellow the lnk to the app:

Thanks @Christophe_Schneider! I wasn’t able to open the app. I’m not sure why.

Was I right about the keys? Does each record in your table have a unique key?


To find out if the keys are unique, you would need to look inside the key column in the spreadsheet.

@Kirk_Masden is correct. The Key column must have unique values in order to uniquely identify each row.

In your “suivi fiche” table the column “Reference fiche” is set as the Key. But in your original screenshot that column does NOT have unique values. If you need this column value as it is in order to “tie” the different rows together, then instead use the “_RowNumber” as the Key - for now.

I would then strongly recommend adding a new column and using it as the Key. AppSheet does provide a function for this if you are entering data through the app. There are other ways as well. Just ask when you are ready to tackle it.

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