Action on Set of Rows issue

So i’m getting this error and not sure why.

Select(Form Responses 1[A-Flt #], ([PickupDone] = “No”]))

Intention is to update column [A-FLT #] with a reference Action that modifies that cell. Currently i’m have this reference action for each row and am manually triggering it for each row, I’d like to create a button that I can manually trigger for all rows. Also how do I go about displaying this Action on top of my Slice like the Add button.

Use Filter("Form Responses 1", ([PickupDone] = “No”])) instead.

Well, you both have an issue! :slight_smile:

There is a square bracket after “No” that is likely causing all the problems!


Good catch!

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so i take it both formulas should work then (minus the square bracket)

Also then is it possible to create an action button out of this and display it on top of the Slice, instead of in-line with Row or within the Details page?



Yes. both work. You can also remove the inner parentheses in the SELECT().

What is it you want to do? Do you mean to navigate to a view that shows the filtered list of rows?

So I want to run this action from the main Slice View and not have this button showing in the Detail pages for each row.

Like the Add button, i’d like to place this action button there as well.

But what is “this action”?

Never mind. I see I needed to re-read the original post.

As @Steve said you cannot create an Overlay Action that would apply some function to each row.

However, there are two other options:

  1. There is Table Bulk row processing. For qualifying actions, a table view will have, at the top, the ability to activate bulk processing. You will be given the ability to select rows and then apply one of the qualifying actions to those rows.

  2. However, if you always need to update ALL rows, then I would suggest creating a button to trigger a bot. The steps in the bot would update all rows in the Slice. This you can set as an overlay action.


Awesome, i’ll start looking into #2.

As always thank you both for you awesome support!!

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