Action requires confirmation

I have built an action that initiates a series of other actions. One of those actions deletes a series of rows from a table. When I initiate that action, the app asks me to confirm that I want to proceed. I don’t want this confirmation message to appear at all. I have set the app to not require confirmations but I’m still getting the confirmation request. How can I stop this?

Is this a system generated action which is doing the delete?

I’m not sure I understand the question, Aleksi. The action initiated by the user (named, ‘Initiate reporting sequence’) triggers a number of other actions, one of which is an action that deletes all the rows in a table. None of these actions are set to require a confirmation.
Does that give you the detail you need?

If the set of actions performed by Initiate reporting sequence includes the Delete action provided by AppSheet (i.e., system-generated), that action is–by default–configured to ask for confirmation from the user:

If you created your own action of type Data: delete this row, the Needs confirmation? option is set to ON by default as well.