Action Sequence Issue

When I add a “change value” action to a sequence the sequence icon disappears from the app, I can’t find where it might conflict with anything else. I’ve rebuilt it from scratch a couple times and it reoccurs each time.

Am I missing something? Has anyone else experienced this?


What’s a “sequence icon”?

Can you show screenshots of your Action configurations?

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Yes, here is a couple snaps
Behaviors are all true!
it’s occuring in other sequences as well, but only when it’s a change value action.
Sequence 3|658x500


The sequence is as follows:

  1. Change value in Remove to true
  2. Add customer to customer table - copy rows to another table
  3. Archive Request- copy rows to another table
  4. Create Job - copy rows to another table
  5. Go to job view - LINKTOROW(maxrow(“WorkOrders”,"_RowNumber"),“WorkOrders Completed is FALSE_Detail”)

then a bot will delete the row based on the Remove condition is true