Action: Set the value of a column in google calendar from another data table

I am trying to integrate a google calendar to function primarily as view only for users while changes to the calendar get made using Appsheet. For my first action, I want to use a room request form that contains date and time information (as well as other information) to automatically change an open date on google calendar to requested. I know I could just use Appsheet’s calendar but the problem I am having with it, is that it does not seem to allow me to create “open” dates for rooms without a lot of work on the setup of the data table. I would also need to have the ability to move a scheduled date back to open.

I should note that when I say"open" or “scheduled” I am really just talking about changing the text of the [Subject] column in the google calendar

Hi @psfulgham, welcome to the AppSheet community!

Can you pre-populate your calendar with “open” events, and then have the user edit those existing events instead of creating new ones?

I may have misunderstood. Have you looked at data change actions, like in this app?

So here is what I am trying to do:
1.) Go to view that shows availability of rooms which is data from a Google Calendar.
2.) Select a OPEN date in the “AVAILABILITY” view that then takes you to a REQUEST FORM view
(I have these two steps figured out)
3.) On the action to the Request Form view it would be best to have the dates populate in the “REQUEST FORM” view from the google calendar [START] AND [END].
4.) When form completes a action is triggered to change the data in the Google Calendar to where the [Subject Line] is changed from OPEN to the name of booking which is a data column in the Request Form.

I did populate the google calendar as advised with open dates. The problem with just editing those dates is that google calendar works great as a calendar but poorly to capture the other data needed as it only gives you a few fields. I am trying to keep it from requiring us keep the google calendar synced with the app manually, essentially double entering dates, bookings, etc.

@psfulgham You might be able to do (3) with a deep link action and a LINKTOFORM formula.

You might be able to do (4) by modifying the “Form Saved” behavior on your form view.