Action-> set the value of a column to open up an enum list

Hi guys, as this user asked about a few years ago, I think this would be a really helpful feature if it wasnt a huge pain to implement into Appsheet.

Why you ask? Simply because afaik there is no other workaround for changing the status of a single item in a form from a list of options, aside from tweaking each column in your form so that it gets locked after editing (e.g isblank expressions). When using SELECT() and other expressions in your forms though this becomes increasingly more difficult to control. Is there not a simple way just to implement an ENUM option into the Action-set the value of a column section?

Edit: Even something as simple as a number box (instead of an enum) for the ‘set the value of a column’ action icon would be really helpful (for stock systems where you’re working with shifting quantities in production).

Many thanks!

Sounds like you’re requesting an action that will popup some sort of data entry box, where someone can select an option, enter a number, and THEN (with that variable in hand) the action runs.


We requested this years ago when the action system was first introduced; they gave us a really good answer as to why it wasn’t possible, but I don’t remember what it is now.

Perhaps, since many years have passed since then, things have changed and they might be able to do something like this now.

It would be nice to have a simple, baked-in system to make use of to accomplish this, but you could make this interaction flow manually - but it’s complicated, with a lot to build and areas to cover.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah that’s exactly what I was going for. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like something on the radar, perhaps the company is trying to keep that functionality limited to their change data actions, but it is a bit of a bummer not to be able to have more dynamic actions within table views.

Sorry, probably i m not with you, but you want to dynamically change the enum list items and selections?

Option #1 was to trigger an ENUM list from an action button, and Option #2 was to change the numerical quantity of a column from an action button. You know what I mean?

Option 1 | Yes, currently impossible, no workaround available as far as I know.
Option 2 | Depending on your particular unique case, but combination of action/workflow could manage your goal.

In the meantime, I placed sample app to playaround with Enumlist, which might give you a clue to come up with your own solution while we wait for appsheet new feature to come.

This is bit old sample app, I actually forgot how I actually structure this app…

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