Action : set the value of some columns in this row, but error encountered from other column

Hi All,

Need your help.

I have a table with columns :
Transaction date [Trx date] type date
Verification date [Verification date] type datetime
Verified by [Verified by] type useremail

Supposing :
Transaction date can be input from the range of the last transaction that had been verified, until current date.

So I put the expressions as below
For Transaction date [Trx date]
Valid if :
And([Trx date]<=Now(),[Trx date]>date(max(select(table name[Trx date],isnotblank([Verification date])))))
Invalid Value Error : The transaction date is beyond today’s date or has been verified

For Verification Date
Valid if :
[_thisrow].[Verification Date]>=[_thisrow].[Trx date]
Invalid Value Error : The verification date must be after the transaction date

I create an Action : Set the value of some columns in this row ;
to set
Verfication date = now()
Verified by = useremail()

Current data :
Trx date : 13 Mar ; Not verified
Trx date : 12 Mar ; Not verified
Trx date : 10 Mar ; Not verified
Trx date : 09 Mar ; Verified date : 14 Mar
Trx date : 08 Mar ; Verified date : 09 Mar
Trx date : 16 Feb ; Verified date : 15 Mar

Problem is when I click Action button to verify the transaction of date 10 - 13 Mar, error message come out : The transaction date is beyond today’s date or has been verified

I still can input any date from 10 Mar to current for Trx date, no invalid value error message come out

Why the Action button cannot just set the value of [Verification date] and [Verfied by] ?
And as I know the Action has nothing to do with the [Trx date]
Could anybody tell me what’s wrong and the solution?

Should be:

[Verification Date]>=[Trx date]

Hi @kevin_merakjingga
Is the use of both date time and date columns causing the problems?

Thanks, Steve.

I have tried [Verification Date]>=[Trx date], still the same error message.

The problem is with this expression. The column value is only valid if [Trx date] is now or in the past AND [Trx date] is strictly greater than EVERY Trx date value of existing rows that have a Verification date.

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The purpose of this expression is to avoid the transactions of the day that have been verified from being modified or added. Once the transactions have been verified, user cannot input or add any transaction with the same date of the verified transaction anymore.
If there are 3 days transactions have not been verified, then the user can input or add transaction with the same date of any of that 3 days or later.

Hi @Lynn ,
I don’t think so, because I have added date() to pick up only the date value of the datetime.

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One thing that I forgot to write it in my first post.

I can input the verification date manually via Edit.

Is there any bugs with the Action?