Action to add event to user’s default calendar

If I have event info in a record, can I make an action to pass it on to the default calendar on a user’s device?

Shows how to do it to a google calendar, does this method still work? What if the user doesn’t have a google calendar?

Is there a sample app? I do not want to attach a calendar to my app. I want the event to be added to. The user’s calendar.


If you’re referring to adding it to whatever the user’s phone has as a default calendar, be it Google, Apple, Outlook, or other 3rd party calendar, we can’t do that directly. The closest I think you can get would be to use a workflow generate an .ICS file (ICS_CALENDAR). When those are opened it will default to whatever their device’s default calendar is to add the information. So you can add an action to Add to Calendar that opens that ICS file which should direct them to their calendar app.


Thanks Dave, I’ll have to look into ICS_CALENDAR files. I found several posts about them.

There’s always more to learn. :grinning: