Action to copy some data from table A to table B and edit the new row in table B

I want to create 2 actions.

  1. Copy some data from table A and add new row in table B.
  2. Edit the newly added row in table B.

For action 1, I use below function. It works.

How do I create action 2? Eventually, I want one button to trigger above 2 actions. Thank you.

Then it’s better to use “Go to another view within this app” with the deep link LINKTOFORM().

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If i understand your requirement correctly, this could be a workaround for you.

First, you create the action to add new row using this row value to another table. This is simple and basic, I assume you have this action in place.

Then create another action as Aleksi said, jump to another view within app. For the deep expression for this action, you place function something like

LINKTOROW(maxrow(“yourtargettablename”,"_RowNumber"), “formviewnameofthetargettable”)

Then create another action to execute those two action as a group, and fire it in a way you want.

It will create new row to another table, then jump onto the form view for row which was exactly create by this action now.

There are other workaround available, but this could be easiest and simplest solution, as far as your data is sitting on the spreadsheet, rather than SQL where [_rowNumber] field is NOT counted on.


Hi Alex,
hi tsuji_koichi
Thank you for your feedback, I’ll try it based on your suggestions and then give you feedback.
Thank you for helping me, that’s very nice.