Action to create a record and go to this new record

Hi All,

I have a grouped execution of an action #1 to create a record, followed by another action #2 to redirect to a dashboard that includes a UX view of this newly created record.


The problem is that the redirection occurs before the creation of the record so I see an empty view.

User has to tap again on the menu page, then the dashboard will load properly. Is there anyway to complete the first action before executing the second one?

I saw this solution: Delayed Sync : Force App Sync with grouped action not working as intended but this is not user friendly as an entire sync is performed.


Could you please update following so that I believe community could help with a possible approach or workaround,

#1 to create a record :Is it “add a row to another table using values from this table?” type of action? If so in what view of parent you are executing this action? Is this view part of the dashboard?

Once this action is executed do you wish to dispay summary type deck view of the child table with this new record added??


Can you please share the condition on your actions?


The action is executed from the table ‘Class_Boards’ in Detail view (which is not part of the Dashboard view ‘Board Class In Progress’)

Grouped action definition:

Here are both action definitions and conditions:

Dashboard UX view:

UX view of the newly created record in Detail view:

The slice definition from this view:

@Suvrutt_Gurjar @June_Corpuz see the new version of my last post. Sorry, had to update it multiple times. Thank you!

Hello Alex-

Are you using UNIQUED() for the [Key] or is it formula based?

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Yes, I am using UNIQUEID() for ‘Class_Boards’ table. I think I am using UNIQUEID() for all my tables.

Try changing [_THISROW].[Key] to [Key]


I don’t know why I had this expression LINKTOROW([_THISROW].[Key], “Board Class In Progress”)

I simply replace it with LINKTOVIEW(“Board Class In Progress”) and it works perfectly.

Thank you @June_Corpuz for pointing me at the right place! I must have copied that without looking when I was moving expressions. It means that none of the problem I listed above is a problem…