Action to create copy of record 12 months on


Next on my list of features to add is a way of creating a copy of the current record but with the date moved 12 months on, or 365 days or 52 weeks, however would work best so that the record is created for roughly the same time each year, I would also need the record status to revert back to “unconfirmed”

So to clarify I have a record which I am using as a Job Card, utilising the calendar view, I have a field for “Job Status” which moves through 4 stages, “Un-Confirmed, Date Proposed, Date Confirmed and Complete”

I am using actions and workflows to remove the job from calendar view and send a PDF email when the job status turns to “Complete” I now want to add either at the same time or just before an option to create a copy of that job but for 12 months time, so the only 3 fields that would need to change are “Start Date & End Date” and “Job Status”.

Thanks in advance


These posts might provide some ideas.

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