Action to generate Calendar Event - 'End' field bug?

Hello everyone!

The app I am working on calculates dates for particular events based on input from the user then automatically creates corresponding events in a google calendar.

I am trying to get to the bottom of an issue I’m experiencing with the Action that generates a new row to my gCal table.

The expression I use in the ‘Start’ column is: DATETIME({Date})+ “007:00:00”
The expression I am trying to use in the ‘End’ column is: DATETIME({Date})+ “008:00:00”
However, a new event is not generated whenever I use this expression in the ‘End’ column!

When I switch the ‘End’ column expression to simply: NOW(), the calendar event is generated correctly.

As a workaround I tried to set the ‘End’ column formula as [START] + “001:00:00”
… which didn’t work either.

Any help getting to the bottom of this is greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Kyle C.

My testing showed that in a similar set up it works as expected.

Could you confirm the [Prep] column is date type.

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Hi, thanks for the response.

Yes, I confirmed that column type of [Prep] is a date.

When I use the expression with [Prep] in the ‘Start’ column it works perfectly fine. Its only when that expression is used in the ‘End’ column that the action fails and the row on my calendar table is never added. As soon as I remove the expression from the ‘End’ column, leaving it only in the ‘Start’ column, the action executes and a new row is added.

Thanks for your time,
Kyle C.


Thank you for confirming.

I believe it is some peculiar setting that could be causing a challenge. As I mentioned, principally it is working with the following setting when I tested. [Customer Since] is a date type colum.

So principally, it does not appear to be a bug with settings at least.

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