Action to Generate Workflow as Downloadable

Is it possible to have an Action perform some of the functionality Workflows support but perform a GET request so that the client (mobile/web) may download the file?

My objective is to use a supported template file (HTML) to generate a report (PDF) to be visible quickly for the user.
Button on a row, click button, HTML template is rendered into a PDF and user is presented with a file for download or to view in a web browser.

Unfortunately, there is native “download file” type of function for the moment.

Instead, what I do now -

  1. Create filed called [Trigger] and initial value set to 0
  2. set action to add 1 on this field.
  3. set workflow to be fired by UPDATE of this field.
  4. workflow will save (archive) the file onto cloud storage.
  5. Set the virtual column to construct the URL to this PDF file.
  6. This URL data filed is made hidden by default (in case of [Trigger] is equal with zero.
  7. Once the action is fired, workflow is triggered and generate PDF on the backend.

It takes a while till workflow complete the jobs, but once being done, when user click the URL it will display the output file.

Without visiting email, the user could access to the worflow output within Appsheet app.

This is not complete download file experience, but give kinda of similar experiences to my app users.

just for your guidance.

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