Action to go to another view not working



I am trying to link to another slice within my App when a user clicks on a row. I have setup an Action to do this. However, when clicking on the row a blank screen is shown instead of linking to the slice as expected. I have included a screenshot of the task that is setup. I was hoping someone would be able to provide some insight on this. I had followed the instructions from

(Adam) #2


It appears to me that you’re trying to link to the destination row using the RowNumber. The syntax (from the instructions) is using the table key to link to.

Perhaps try

LINKTOROW([KeyValue],“Destination Table Name”)

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(Jonathon Sinclair) #3

I don’t see anything obviously wrong with your formula… It is of the same form as AppSheets example formula:

LINKTOROW([Order Detail ID], "Order Details")

Maybe verify that [_RowNumber] is your primary key? (This is a bad choice for a primary key, by the way). Alternatively, if the view ‘Edit Task’ is a Form view, you might try:


The above will link to your form and prefill the PRIMARY_KEY_COLUMN with the [_RowNumber] of the row you clicked. However, I am really unsure of how this will function in practice as AppSheet handles [_RowNumber] weirdly.

Otherwise, in my applications I have always manually constructed my deep links ( when I started the short-form options didnt exist). :sweat_smile:

You might try something like:
CONCATENATE("#view=Edit Task&row=", ENCODEURL([_RowNumber]))

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(Rosemary Black) #4

In the initial view, where a row is selected, have you set the event action to this “End Task”? It’s under UX > View > (Your View) > Behavior

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Thank you all. I have found the issue after reading your suggestions and thinking this through. The problem was “Edit Task” was a slice without any UX View created for it. I created a new UX View of type “Ref” that has “Edit Task” as it’s source and then referred to this in the action target.

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