Action to: Open NEW entry form - as though you clicked on the "New" Inline for a List

Anyone know if it is possible to use an action button to take me to the same form (insert new record) view as if I had clicked on the NEW button on a LIST view inline?

In other words, I want this action button:

Action Button Example

To take me to the same place that this button does:

New button on LIST view Inline

i.e. it takes me here:
(new record entry form, with FK already populated)

New Record Form, but with FK & other related fields already populated

Yes you can do that with the Deep Link action like…
LINKTOFORM(“ChildFormViewName”,“Parent ID”,[ParentKeyColumnName]) where the “Parent ID” is your Ref column’s name in the child table.


Thanks Aleksi!
At first that was taking me to a blank screen (see below), but after a reboot, it is working.

Appreciate the help!

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You’re welcome