Action to open the child row

When on a product row in the inventory part of my App I want an action button that triggers a group of ations, It creates a new row in a new sheet (Sales) and then fills that row with a ref to the product, then I want to form to open for that particular row. Any tips?

I have the action button now and the new row is reated in the Sales Sheet, and it opens the right Sales_Form, but it doesnt open the particular record I just made.

I tried to creat a virtual column in Inventory that will be filled with the Rownumber from the Sales row, but is that enough or is a row-key necessary? And if so, where do I find that?

Hope this is clear enough.

Thanks a million

Instead of creating your composite action like you’re suggesting, I would try LINKTOFORM() - it accomplishes the same thing you’re wanting (essentially) with one action.

“Product”, [Product]


Thanks for your time to answer… I am going to try this.

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