Action to Produce "confirmation view"

Good Morning AppSheet Land,

I wanted to write to ask a question and to say “THANK YOU!” for all of your hard work. You guys have a great product and service here.

Question: is it possible to create an action that takes the viewer to a recessed view of the current page that would elicit a response from the app user such as this one?:

My boss would like for the app, when he selects a driver for a haul to request confirmation. Something like, “Did you intend to choose Junior for this job?” [Yes] [No].

Thank you again!

Yes. The only thing that I don’t know how to do is to make the view “recessed”, as you indicated.

Here’s an example from a flashcard app I’m working on:

If the user wishes to go to the next “session” (that is, get a new set of “cards” to study) he or she taps on NEXT SESSION. If, however, the user has not yet completed all of the cards in the current session, the app shows the following confirmation message (or, rather, goes to another view with this message), checking to make sure that the person really does want to leave some cards unfinished:

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 00.55.57

If this approach is close enough to what you have in mind, I can help you figure out how to do it.

“Recessed” was my ideal. I am however open to all the help that I can get! Thank you for taking the time Kirk. Did you use the “Behavior” tab on the editor to bring up the “Caution” expression?

I am actually working on adding this “request for confirmation” y/n prompt based on a choice out of an enumlist drop down of driver’s names.

Please let me know what you think.


Wesley W.

Nimble Transport

I imagine it could be done, but it would be complex.

Is there a less complicated way to accomplish the general goal with something like a little pop up window with a yes or no button? That’s really all I need.


Yes. My “NEXT SESSION” action is a grouped action (an action that contains several actions). The action that takes the user to this view is only valid if there are cards remaining. It comes before the action that changes the “session” so, when it is triggered, the session remains unchanged until the user taps “NEXT SESSION” again. Good luck!

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Thanks so much Kirk, God bless. Have a great day.

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Woah Bro! I just looked under the hood of your app. It is very complex. Great job.

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Thanks! The complexity is a problem. I can’t even figure it out sometimes, especially if some time has passed since I worked on a section. It’s gotten bigger and bigger over time. I’m working on a new (hopefully, more-or-less final) version that has a few more features. Building this app has been a long journey for me. :sweat: