Action to run workflow

An action to run an workflow, like to generate a report.

Now it is possible to do that indirectly: I can create a “generate” collumn, an action to add 1 to this collumn and an workflow that runs on “generate” collumn update.

The problem on this is that I have to make changes on the database just for this action. Changes on the databse simply for these purposes makes the database not clean.

Better option is to use DateTime field and write the value NOW() and that value would have a meaning.

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Yes, there are many options for this. But I haven’t found a way to do that without changes on the database.

Workflow always run on update, add or delete of rows. But sometimes I don’t want any changes on the row (i.e. send a report of this row by e-mail). For an workaround, I always need: 1. An extra collumn on to database to be updated; 2. An action to change this collumn; 3. An workflow to run upon update on this collumn.

I’d like to be able do that without changes on the database. Something like: 1. Action to run workflow; 2. Run workflow.