Action to set a Number field to be 'blank', instead of 0

I have Number fields that I want to make “blank” (not Zero), using an Action.
However whatever I try, I cannot get an action to “clear” a value (make the field ‘blank’). It will always revert to adding a 0.

It works for Text fields… obviously… but not for Number fields

Is there a way to make a Number field revert back to being blank with Appsheet?
I can see why perhaps not, but it’s allowed in the first place so you would think you should be able to do it, without reverting to clearing from the data source itself.


How did you constrct your action ?

It should work

Please try to pass the value of “”

to the data field you want to clear up and leave back to null.

You can use below expression


ahh…simples… thank you!

You’re welcome