Action to Set values of some columns in this row not updating

I am trying to set the value of a field in a row when the same field in another row of the same table is edited by the user


Above is the table……so when the user changes the value of the “Cancellation” Column of the 2nd last row, I want the “Cancellation” column of the last row to be updated with the same value, which is TRUE

The two lines are linked through the “Related Journal” column which cross references as you can see (734a2e84)

I have set up an action as below


The expression for getting the Cancellation column value from the source row is below….


Have set up a BOT to automate this whenever there is an EDIT event

The BOT run successfully which I checked in the Automation Monitor

However the update in the target row does not happen

Any pointers please where I am going wrong

I think you need to use a “reference action”, an Action of type “execute an action on a set of rows”.

Also, I think you have a small error in your SELECT expression
One of the two underlined column names should be [Related Journal].

Is [Related Journal] a Ref type (or Enum w/ base type Ref)? If so, you could just lookup the value with a “dereference”

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Thanks Marc…Used the execute an action on a set of rows action and changed the 2nd part of the expression to [_THISROW].[Related Journal]=[Journal Id]…works like a dream now…

Thanks very much !