Action to update data in table after approval

I am trying to create an action which needs to triggered when user clicks on approve button and specific set of data from the row to be copied to another table.

Table A:
Invoice, Date, Name, ID, Fees, Fees Validated

Table B: (Once approved, Fees Validated = True)
Like to perform an action which inserts data to Table B

You should consider creating a Sequence of actions which will set the value of the [Fees Validated] column to TRUE and then create a copy of that row in Table B:

Thanks Levent, interesting thoughts on loop. New to appsheet, good to learn new concepts.

Below action is triggered as part of UPDATE-ONLY trigger for table “loaninstallment” with data update automatically. User is NOT selecting one or more rows to initiate below action.

Referenced Rows:
list(maxrow(“4emi”, “_ROWNUMBER”, ([LOAN-ID]=“487”, [LOAN-INSTALLMENT-NO]=“15”)))

Is all rows from above “referenced rows” will be passed to next actin as list. Here my is action which is trying to set status=pass.

I am not able to see the action names in the audit log as well. I do see the Trigger name and action name from the Trigger in logs.

Additional question is how to debug each action.

Thanks in advance.