Action to update record in another table

I have a WeekView form that displays a table with days across and names down. I want to be able to click on a row and have it display the records for that name for that week (LinkToView) so I can update the schedule. To do that I think I need to 1. update the filter values used for a slice and then 2. display my LinkToView form based on that slice.

The question is how do I create an action that is available from my WeekView form that will update a value in another form? If I create an action called UpdateFilter for table Filter to set the value of my selected name, that Action is not available to the form WeekView because it is linked to the Filter table not the Names table.

Any suggestions?

Try the execute an action on a set of rows. This would allow you to call the UpdateFilter action from the WeekView table. You would just need to have a way to get what row you want to execute the UpdateFilter action on in the WeekView row.

Ok Austin, Thanks for that. Had a very quick look at it but will explore tomorrow - it’s getting late here. Thanks again for your help


This is why you actually fully read and understand the questions lol, yes LinkToFilteredView would probably give you the same behavior, or better since you can use your current rows values where you cannot in execute action on a set of rows.

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Worked perfectly - thanks

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