Action: UPDATE EXISTING ROW(s) using values from this row

This feature request is for a new Action-type that would replace the need for several actions to accomplish the same task:
Update a set of rows using values from this row

Currently we can:
Add a NEW row to another table using values from this row, and
Execute an action on a set of rows

But to pass values from the current row to a set of existing rows requires a bit more setup. This could easily be defined in a single action and could use the same UI as the existing actions:

Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 3.34.00 PM

This would really simplify a lot of common routines where you want to push a value from a parent record to multiple child records. And I think it would replace the need for workflows in some cases, making the app more powerful when in offline mode.

Currently it is only achievable by using Appsheet API to update the target rows regardless of sitting in same or different table to update. I also spoke to Appsheet team before to introduce exactly this action to make a life easier.

Firstly, API set up a little complex. I always make a typo on JSON body to construct which fail API to run.
Secondly, Appsheet Action should happen on client side, i.e. when we do make a change in data, it should be immediately available on user view. For instance, if we could update the change the row value by action, the change will be immediately reflected and user can see the change, and then Appsheet will be looking after the backend/background to change the data source accordingly.
When we change value by API, it take a while, as all the things are happening on the backend service. Appsheet client has no way to detect the changes, unless server start to push the changes to browser, which take a while.

I do have API to change the rows values using API in various place in my app, but my clients keep asking to update the rows instantly, so that they can access to view after the change being made super quickly.
My client is not exceptional, but generally user is not tolerant to wait for backend service to complete!!!
I need to handle such a request from my clients somehow.

So all in all, as you kindly placed a feature request, the change made by action will be reflected upon action is triggered. User dont care how long sync (update the changes in database) after that.
So this should be one of top priority, i wish appsheet team to consider to introduce new feature as well as another API related feature to capture the API response (parse JSON response body and push into the target data table where Appsheet editor is connecting.)

API GET request is pretty much basic and easy. But currently we have no way to display the same (responded body) within appsheet.

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Man this would make my life easier.


Gets my vote!