Action: UPDATE EXISTING ROW(s) using values from this row


What is the workaround for actions to target a specific row and update specific column values of that row?

I have an “execute action on a set of rows” that is filtered for the row record that needs updating. Then I have “set the values of some columns on this row”. If I pass through a constant value, it comes through and updates the correct row. If I pass through a [Column Name] value, it’s blank.

What am I missing??

I typically add a new “flag” column, set as a DateTime type. On the running of the action, use a grouped action that first sets this column to UTCNOW(). Then you can easily refer to that record later on with

MAXROW( table , “flag” )


Thank you. The critical part is to definitely use UTCNOW() and not NOW() as I found out when working in 2 timezones.

Thanks for the temporary solve, looking forward to the feature request going through.

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Its a good habit. I think all Appsheet Demo Apps, Videos and Webinars should use UTC Date and Time, as part of a Best Practice of development.

It solves SOME of the problems, but the time is based on the user’s device (and should be, otherwise it wouldn’t work offline).

That workaround is still unreliable for multiple simultaneous users, since a few minutes (even seconds) difference on user’s device time can have some messy results.

Using API I feel is a bit more reliable, but quite complex.

That’s a must have feature and with so many votes and time (it was posted on January), I expected to have at least a “we’re working on it” by now.