I want to know why the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW doesn’t work like LINKTOVIEW. Attached are 2 png files showing the difference. Notice that the right chevron action button in the app view doesn’t show up when LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW is used.

Also, I noticed that when constructing the following LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW target expression:

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(CONCATENATE("Edit Hole ", Text(Number(Right(Context(“View”), 2)) +1)), [Team] = [_THISROW].[Team])

the expression assistant gives an error of: “LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW has invalid inputs”.
Why? Any Suggestions?

The following LINKTOVIEWE target expression however does work:
LINKTOVIEW(CONCATENATE("Edit Hole ", Text(Number(Right(Context(“View”), 2)) +1)))



How is that Action configured?

I think that you cannot target a view name that is dynamically generated. The expression has to know ahead of time exactly which view you’re wanting to go to. I’m surprised that it works with LINKTOVIEW(). I’m guessing that is because there are no other arguments that first need validated by the expression assistant, like there are with …FILTEREDVIEW().

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Thanks Marc,

I thought that might be the case. Is there a different way to do this like a switch statement? Also, why does the Expression Assistant give me an error message on the following:



There is no error message is your screenshot.

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Yes, that was supposed to be my screenshot of the error message. Let me try again.

The 2nd argument of LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW is a condition, it expects a Yes/No value. Putting a SELECT in as the 2nd argument is not correct. (edit: think of LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW as having an implicit SELECT) You probably just need to remove this, exactly as you had it above, what made to attempt to change to do it this way?

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Understood. I was reading about LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW and saw the select statement but that was within the IN() function. I should have known better. I had it that way before but my right double chevron button would not show in the view. I don’t know why. The action button using the LINKTOVIEW function does show up in the view. Not sure what the difference is.