Action/Workflow directly after Login or after the start possible?

We want to add a row in a table if a user log in (after checking if it is the first time) or open the app the first time. How to do this?

You can set the opening view based on user email (by looking up previous entries in a login table) - would that work for you?

Thank you.
Ok, I undestand how to set the opining view based on user email. But the opining view is not the view of the table where we want to add a new table row.

Can we start an action if a view is opened? How?

Create your custom home view, borrowing a hint from my previous thread to generate your custom Home View. Here is a link.

Set this view always available regardless of who are logging in to your app.

Secondly, you should have App user table. Matt @MultiTech_Visions is specialist about this user table, so please allow me to copy in to him.

When your user log in or access to your app, regardless that it is first time or not, then run the testing if it is first or not. To do that, you set a mechanism. It is simple. The user table mentioned above does have row with USEREMAIL who are currently logging into your app. Using any suitable expression to test if there is existing row for logging in users, then return boolean.

If not, i.e. it is a first time, then you present actions on the Home view (i mentioned above) to guide the user to push an action to add him/her self to add to user table. By placing action, you can add row to user table.

If there is a row already with email address for those who are in attempt to log in to your app, then you hide the action to add them to user table.

Most of my app, I do have similar and same tricks to auto - generate the user table, rather than manually hard coding.

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Thank you very much.