Action Workflow Notification isn't working

Hi team,
Me again with a problem that seems similar :slight_smile:

I have a workflow action rule that adds a new row to another (change_log) table when specific changes are made. It is working without a problem.
So, I did a notification set up triggers from a change_log table to send an email with a PDF attached. I don’t get mails. And even I don’t see it in AUDIT HISTORY.

Thank you in advance.

Have you tried Save & Verify Data? Do you see any error messages?


I always do save after any changes. There is not any error.

But Save & Verify specifically?


Save & Verify will check your templates for errors, but just Save will not.


When it happened to me, it was because of some bad formulas in the body or pdf template. I’ve got a hint by checking the performance profile

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I didn’t know that, I will do it after maintenance.

Thanks Steve

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I did save & verify data there are still no error messages.
I checked my pdf template table and all variables are just right with the triggered data column names.

I don’t why it is not triggering.

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Would you please contact our support team with all details at, thanks.

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