Actions - Copy This Row and Edit Copy

(James Rezin) #1

When you use this Action, any column that has a formula in the Initial Value but not in the Appformula it does not use this as the to create the correct entry, instead it copies the vale from the original row. This is particularly awkward when using date and or time expressions.

If you have for example TIMENOW() in Appformula it will use that, however when you then edit that row later it will update the Time. If you have Editable set as off then it copies the value from the other record instead of using the Initial Value. If you have the Editable set as On, every time the record is edited it changes.

Should it not use the Initial Value Property?

Any clarification welcomed, I have wasted hours trying to find the correct combination pf properties to get it to but the Timenow() in and for it not to update when you edit it.

(Marc Dillon) #2

You can use LINKTOFORM() instead and fill in only the column values you want transferred. Possibly a lot of work if you have a lot of columns in these records.

It seems reasonable that the initial value expression is getting overwritten by the old value that is coming along with the copy. I think any change to that would have to be in the form of a new feature.

(James Rezin) #3


Thank you for your response. That is in fact what I ended up having to do. I just thought the logic is wrong for Copy Row Action:
IF Appformula exists - use App Formula
If AppFormula does not exist - Check if Initial value Exists
If Initial Value exists use Initial Value
Otherwise Copy Value

Or something similar

(Steve Coile) #4

Curious that you’re confused that the copy action copies column values.

App formulas and initial values are entirely different things and have substantially different effects on columns. Your expected fallback strategy makes no sense.