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I use an action in my app that sets the date of [date next service] to today()+1. I select from a deck view the records I want to apply the action to. Works great. But some times I want to set the date to something other than today()+1…like “next Tuesday” etc… It would be much more intuitive to be able to select the records from the deck view, ask for the action to call up a date picker come that allows you to select any date you want. Appsheet already knows that field is a date field so why not just cut right to it? It is miles more flexible and useful than a static action.

Additionally this method would be useful for date fields, enum list fields etc…

Your request is somewhat jumbled and could use clarifying. It sounds like you just want to know how to select “next Tuesday”:

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Nope. Sorry if it was confusing but your interpretation is my point. Actions are static. You can create an action for today() +1 or +2 or +3 and you have 3 actions clogging things up and still never have full flexibility. Instead of static actions why not just click on the action and allow a date picker to come up? That way you have ultimate flexibility to choose whatever date you want.

In my case I select multiple records in the deck view and apply the action (from the 3 dot menu in the upper right hand corner of the browser) that sets the date to the predefined action expression. My suggestion is to just allow for a date picker to pop up that lets me select any date I want and apply it to the selected records.

I hope that came across this time.

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Once upon a time we were close to getting an action with a pop up for light data entry…


@Grant_Stead You said it best. “Actions with a pop up for light data entry.” This would add a lot of power and flexibility to our apps. If there is any way to breath life back into this idea, I would be happy to participate.


The closest thing to this is a “linktoform” that takes you to a stripped back version of the form. But, this still takes the user away from the big picture, which can make them lose context.