Actions: External Website


For a while now I’ve noticed that external website behaviour actions, usually on first setup, always open inside the app (with lanuch external disabled) but the AppSheet menu is completely gone (iOS), leaving me stuck inside the app but unable to move back into it. I now the app is still open as I can see the colour of the top of my screen (branding) is the same. The only way to get out is by force closing the app each time. Right now it’s happening every time so I’m unable to use this action properly. Any idea what the issue is?

I don’t have an iOS device, so I can only speculate. Is there perhaps a gesture that would function as a “back” button, like swipe-left?

You may be best off contacting for help with this.

Nope there isn’t. It might be a bug. I toggled the “lanuch external” on and off again and it seems to have taken effect. It happens a lot.

Spoke too soon - tested just again and its doing it again.