Actions for Inline child table

I have parent table including one column for status (open/closed) (Table X)

I have child table (inline) including status (fixed/not fixed) for each row (Table Y)

I need to have an action in table x for the status (Fix All) so that all not fixed items in Table Y (child table) to be turned to fixed

You’ll want to use the action type: “Data: execute an action on a set of rows”.
Check out this sample app.

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Thanks for your reply …
but I have doubt I have an action on the child table (Fix)

Now I need to apply another action from the relevant parent table called fix all
to apply the fix action made above for each particular Item to apply on its related child table items

Refer to below extract

unfortunately it is not working

That all appears to be correct. What do you mean by “not working”? Is it returning an error? The values aren’t being applied? Have you confirmed that the single item “Fix” action works by itself?

When I apply it, no action is applied, while when I apply a single action Fix it works.

The Fix action needs an Only if this condition is true expression that evaluates to TRUE only for rows that need to be fixed. If the action is applied to a row and no column values change (e.g., because it’s already been fixed), that’s considered a failure and will stop further processing.

Thanks Steve for your clarification, when I applied for another record it worked.

So how to solve this issue, if the child table have some items are already not fixed yet and others are fixed, and I need to apply the action to fix all?

If you adjust the Fix action as I indicated, your Fix All action should work fine.

Now its working, perfect.

Another matter if you don’t mind.

If I need to apply All fix to include both one action to be applied on the parent table and the action “Fix” on the child table

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Create an action of type Grouped: execute a sequence of actions and add the actions you want performed to it, then perform the grouped action from the parent row.

Hi Steve, Yes it is working…

But how to hide the step actions made, I need to show only the one made by group action

Say I have an action X in child table , action Y in parent table, and group action Z “X+Y”

I need to show only Z to show, by default all made actions shall appear…

Also can I control the actions to show in one view and not to show on others?

Use Do not display to completely hide an action from the user’s view.

Only if this condition is true may be used to hide the action conditionally.

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Thanks a lot for your time Solved :love_letter:

Thanks a lot for your time Solved :love_letter:

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