Actions strategy? I have a timecard app wher...

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Actions strategy?

I have a timecard app where supervisors can go in to approve or reject employee timecards. We have 2 actions set up to accomplish this - approve/reject - and they work as expected. The only issue is that the [Employee Name] column is changing from the employee name who originally completed the timecard to the supervisor name approving/rejecting the timecard.

I tried using “Editable IF” in the [Employee Name] column to restrict changes but the [Employee Name] column has an app formula which looks at a ref column - [Employee Email] - to pull in the employee name, so Editable IF won’t work.

I’m stumped… Any suggestions?

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The only way I can imagine the Employee Name column value would change is if the action itself is setting the value, or the column has an app formula and is dynamically set from something else.

Could you describe in detail what the approve/reject actions do? What does the app formula for the column do?

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The actions are setting the value of a column named “Timecard Approved?” to either “true/false.”

Here’s column structure of 2 relevant columns:

1 - Employee Email is Ref type to separate employees table with USEREMAIL() app formula. 2 - Employee Name has an app formula “tied” to the ref column [Employee Email].[Employee Name]

I suspect that when the supervisor is using the actions, the app is pulling his/her email, which then pulls his/her name?..

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USEREMAIL() in “Initial Value”. That seems to do the trick.