Actions to create and fill in a related record

I have a table of elements and a table of inspections. If the item has everything OK, I want to do it quickly. What actions do I need?
Table of inspections:

  • Action 1: Create row
  • Action 2: update the id value of the element table
  • Action 3: update the OK value in field 1
  • Action 4: update the OK value in field 2
  • Action 5: action 1 + 2+ 3+ 4

Table of elements:

  • How do I configure the use of action5 if there is no row?

Thank you

Check out this article on LINKTOFORM(), it will allow you to create a new record and set values to what you wish.

Ok, thank you.
But LINKTOFORM opens the form with the uploaded data and I don’t want to open the form. I just want to enter the data. Can you configure it so that it does not open the form and only enter the data?

Seems this is a very in-demand thing all of the sudden. :slight_smile:

Yes, of course… I already had it as action 1 but then I don’t know how to enter the data to the new record because I know how to point to the new record. If it worked as LINKTOVIEW and you could pass data to the new record directly it would be perfect.
Let’s see if there’s anything else we can do to get that. :wink:

did it happen? I am looking for it


Hi Steve

I am having trouble using “Add a new row to another table using values from this row.”

I want to be able to create a new record in table2 when a record in table1 is created.

I have created a workflow event from the but the saving of the record in table1 does not trigger the creation of the new record in table2.

How do I trouble shoot what is going on? I don’t see any errors.


Please post a screenshot (or shots) of the entire workflow configuration.