Actions User Restriction

Basically im creating a timesheet tracker and want to be able to have users sign in and out and have that time logged. the issue is other users are able to see and clock out other users… obviously this is an issue if users can clock out other users. is there a way to set it so they can see whose clocked in but only clock them selfs out?

Yes, go to the Actions pane in the editor and open the specific action you have defined.

The simplest thing to do is to go to its Display properties and add a ShowIf condition so that action only shows for the approprite entries. For example, if each entry has a column with the email address of the user along with the time tracking properties, then you might add a ShowIf condition like this
USEREMAIL() = [Email]

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Im still not following that 100%, in in Actions, where do i add the show if and how would i format it?

That’s from an action in one of my apps. You click on the formula icon to bringup the xpression editor — or you just type in the formula

Im not seeing ShowIf in there. Even if compare [Employees]Name = Name it still says it cant compare a reference

Hey @Matthew_Brooks, you might check out the following post I made - it will guide you through implementing a Current_User (slice) in your app.

You might leverage something from this to help you configure things.

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