Active Searchbar on Desktop Having to do the...

(Jonas /) #1

Active Searchbar on Desktop

Having to do the extra klick while on desktop is quite annoying. I see the value of this on mobile but not on Desktop.

Anybody agree?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

What you mean by “extra click”?

(Jonas /) #3

we need to click on the

magnifying glass icon before we can start typing.

we use this search on almost anything that we do within our app

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Aaa… okay. I thought you were talking about two separate clicks.

(Jesse Prud'Homme) #5

Absolutely! This would be such a functional benefit for me. Who DOESN’T search their records in appsheet? I would even say that there should be one more view type: Search. Choose the tables or slices you want ‘indexed’ and the user only needs to click on the view button and start typing. Perhaps, take it a step further. Call it ‘Advanced Search’ with additional search conditions/filters.

THAT ^ or give us an option to make the search bar selected upon opening a view. We should be able to tap and start typing to search - which, in the CRM world, is something we do very regularly.

(Jonas /) #6

agreed, but I understand that time is limited so the first thing for us would be saving that extra klick.

And,or have the search bar auto-focused, so that you can start typing without having to click at all.

(This works for barcode readers, so should be really easy to implement)

@praveen what do you think?

(Reza Raoofi) #7

I agree with Jonas and Jesse; having an option to enable something like auto-focused search bar will reduce one step and improve efficiency when you need to look up items all day.

Actually I think not only it would be useful on desktop, but also on mobile devices; especially in cases where you need to tap yet a second time to enable barcode scanner; having such option would reduce one tap on mobile device.

(Jonas /) #8

@RezaRaoofi agreed!