Active VS Passive NFC


Im working on an inspection app currently using QR barcodes. I was thinking of using nfc tags as they are harder to duplicate (harder for the “normal” user) and came across some articles about active nfc vs passive nfc. Anyone has experience with Active nfc tags?


Hi @1111 very interesting question.
Usually you would need a smartphone (Active part) and a NFC tag (passive part).
There are also Active NFC Tags available but I’m not sure if they work with AppSheet.
I’m curious about a use case for an active NFC tag? :thinking:
An active NFC will need electricity.

We have good experience with these NTAG NFC tags.
You are able to set a password so no one is able to change the “value” of the NFC tag.

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Well, the idea was to have the app user walk around and when in range of an active tag register the tag or even “awake” the app

The range for NFC is max 10 cm. Also for security reasons. How would you increase this?

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With an active tag ( powered by a battery).

Please share a model of such an active NFC tag.