Actual Image in SMS, not a link to the image

I’m using the following expression in an Action External: Start a Text Message.

Concatenate("New display at “,LOOKUP([AccountID],“Accounts”,“AccountID”,“Retailer Name”),” ",[Display Image])

Is there anyway to send the actual image vs a link to the image? I know this is possible in a workflow body.

I get the difference between the two however when I send an SMS via a Workflow and enable the custom message content. There is a section to ADD Media Url. If I put an expression in here that provides and link to an image i.e. [display image], The actual image will appear in the text. However, when I use the Action. External: Start a Text Message and the expression above, I only get the link in the text message.

I guess I’ll just have to set an action to trigger a report or workflow. I’m sure this is possible, I just haven’t looked it up yet.