Add a confirmation message if a form is already filled

Hello everyone,
I need some support to setup a specific funtion in my app.
I have a form which is supposed to be filled only once a day, therefore I would like to add a confirmation message in case the form is already filled, the user should see “form already filled today, do you want to continue?”.
The app structure is the following: menu is a gallery view, clicking on the icons we are redirected to the form view using an App LINK. I tried by myself first creating an action with condition “if this is true” IN(TODAY(), TableName[Date]), then the action itself should redirect to the form if action is confirmed otherwise should show the menu.
It’s somehow working even if the confirmation message lenght is cutting the full text (only a couple of words are shown, any clue?), my last problem is, how can I link the action to the Menu (gallery) in the way that clicking on the icon if condition is false-> go directly to the form, if condition is true-> show confirmation message.
Thanks a lot.

Confirmation Messages are one of the places in the AppSheet editor where formulas can not be used.

There’s no way to have two different messages for the same action, but there is a feature request for it here, if you’d like to vote:

Here’s a good workaround, using multiple actions to achieve the same result:


Hello GreenFlux,
thanks for sharing the feature request, it’s very interesting.
Currently I think I’m half the way to what I need, the action I created is working as expected already, I need only to link the action correctly.

  1. From the home I click the ICON that brings me to the form
  2. The action is performed: if there’s no entry done today I will be directed to the form (as it is now)
  3. If the condition set in the action is met (there is an entry from today), I will see the confirmation message
  4. clicking yes I will be redirected to the same form as per bullet point #2
  5. clicking NO I will stay on the home

The other problem I found is the maximum lenght of text in the field “confirmation message”, I can write as many text I want but only a small part of it is shown


Did you create a third action to group the first two? You should hide the first two actions now that they’re working how you want, and only show the Group-Action that will try to run both.

Not much you can do about that, other than figure out a shorter message that fits.

If you really need to display that long of a confirmation, maybe group in a 4th action. That would give you TWO confirmation messages, so you would have to click a second time to see the rest of your confirmation message.

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A different approach might be to send the user to the form no matter what, but use a column of type Show to display the “form already filled today” message in the form itself.


Yes, I do take the same approach as Steve suggested.
In case the same form (as per your definition how they are same) then show the alert within form conditionally, and ask user to press and select Proceed Yes or Not.
Once they press yes, then rest of the column unhidden to start to fill in,
something like that.


@Steve and @tsuji_koichi
Yes I think this is the easiest way with one “show if” condition only even if less elegant.

I do not understand your point, sorry.
How can I group actions that does not belong to the same table?

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The actions being grouped are just different version of the same action, to get two different confirmation messages. The actions would be in the same table.

See the same app in the workaround from my original post for details if you’re interested.


Maybe I found a workaround with a modification on the system action:
system action is taking the link from the data table with an “if this is true” condition NOT(ISBLANK([LINK])).
Probably I should add an AND() condition to the previous one that should check whether there is already an entry from TODAY().
In the table where I have the link (see structure in the attached screenshot), is there any way where in the system action I can add a condition as follow:

  1. When the ICON is clicked and the link is opened, the condition should check if for the [DATE] column in [table name] is there already and entry =TODAY()
  2. if the condition is TRUE I should see the message box otherwise I will be directed to the main page of the form

How can I catch the table reference from the Table Name in the rows used for the link?