Add a delay step in a process

It will be nice to have a delay step within a process.

For my use case, after creating a file via a task, it takes few seconds before we can access to the file. I like to put some delay, and then proceed other steps.

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I am not sure how frequent AppSheet will check for the condition in “Wait for a condition” step. Can anyone provide that information?

I can record a timestamp in a previous step. And then, use that timestamp in a “Wait for a condition” step to delay for next step but I like to know how frequent the condition will be check. Will it be checked indefinitely until the condition is met?


Hi Steven, when a data change happens, and the wait step will be triggered immediately. We are not using polling mechanism to query for condition result.

Hm, in that case, the description for the condition checker is misleading. It said “Wait until this condition is true”.

So is “Wait for a condition” the same as using “Branch on a condition → Yes” flow?

Hi Steven, sorry for not being clear. “wait step” and “branch on a condition” is different. For wait step, assume the condition is column [Approve] = true, and right now the [Approve] = false, then it will keep waiting. But we don’t have any polling mechanism. Once [Approve] because true, then process will keep executing immediately.

Got it. Thanks. So we will need some kind of a delay mechanism in a process :slight_smile: