Add a new row to another table with BEFORE & AFTER values

I am trying to make a simple changelog using and conditional action.

How can I achieve to add new and old locations to a changelog table?

I am working around and still didn’t find the solution on the forum.

Workflow action is working fine itself, but it adds the newest value of a location. Is it possible to capture _THISROW_BEFORE value to another row?

Any help appreciated!

It is surely possible, but not sure what you exactly want to do.

If you are using “adding new row to another table using value from this row” action PLUS workflow, then you put the expression BEFORE / AFTER value.

I have an app that I am tracking my asset in different locations. I frequently update my MAIN table to change the LOCATION of assets. For tracking the history of location changes, I set up a workflow & action to save changelog automatically.

On main table, there is just one column named LOCATION, I want to add, FROM, and WHERE column to the changelog table.


The data saved into column from the form is always “after” value.

I would suggest you will add new physical column to your table, calling “Previous value” and push expression of [_THISROW_AFTER].[LOCATION] as Appformula.

By doint so, whenever the row is edited, it will automatically capture the previous value as well as curernt (after) value in the LOCATION field.

Then pass values for those two column to add new rows to change log table.


Adding a physical column with the app formula [_THISROW_BEFORE].[LOCATION] solved it.
Now I can add the BEFORE LOCATION column in the workflow.

Thank you.


Good stuffs.