Add a record automatically

Looking for some general guidance on how to approach this problem.

I need to create an workflow that will run automatically on the first day of every month. It will check each customer’s [mth] list. If the current month is in the list then a new record will be added to another table called AuditTbl. Can this be done?

All guidance appreciated

Currently, it is not possible within the AppSheet platform to schedule automated data changes - which includes adding rows to tables.

However, you may have some options. I can think of two ways you can work around this.

  1. Add the row in your datasource directly. You can likely use some sort of scripting to perform the same task whether its in a sheet based system or a database. This is the next best option.

  2. Create a workflow that simulates the automated adding of a row. You can create the trigger criteria for it to run on a specific date and create the row if it hasn’t been created yet based on some user activity - preferably something you KNOW will happen everyday. The downside of this approach is that a user has to physically use the app for the row to get added. There is also concern of multiple users triggering the workflow at the same time. But I think anything after the first will just silently fail. Of course, you want to build into the trigger detection that the row has been added AND you want to make that window tight. Meaning when the workflow runs to add the row, you want the next trigger of the workflow to detect that the row is being added ASAP. I would do this by setting a flag immediately once the workflow is triggered.

I hope this gives you some ideas!!

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Hi John

Just wanted to say thanks for the feedback. Your thoughts mirror my own conclusions on this problem. I have had to settle for less than desired due to the inability of appsheet to automatically add data rows without specific triggers as I described.

You can accomplish this with Google Apps Script if your data is in Gsheets.

Could you use a scheduled rule (aka Report) to accomplish this?

  1. The report could be scheduled to run on the first day of each month.
  2. The Report could use a webhook action to invoke the REST API to add rows to the table of your choice.
  3. The webhook body template can include a << Start >> expression that determines which rows and field values to add to the target table.

Thanks Phil

I don’t have ANY experience with webhook actions and the invocation of the REST API. Any resources you can point me too to educate my self

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I have added a new article that may help you get started. See