Add a reference to a security filter

Hi there, I have AND(([DATE]>TODAY()-2),(OR([SOURCE]=WJC,[DESTINATION]=WJC))) as a security filter, and I’m trying to add more values to the destination - currently it looks at only WJC and I need it to find other values from column ‘destination’. I’ve tried a few syntaxes but I can’t get it to work. First time post, any help appreciated. Thanks, Chris

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In generally your formula seems to be fine if the idea behind of it is correct, try… AND([DATE]>TODAY()-2,OR([SOURCE]=“WJC”,[DESTINATION]=“WJC”))

Hi Aleksi - it looks as if you’ve added quote marks. To clarify, the expression as it is works, I just need to add more destinations, so instead of only showing WJC as a destination, I also want it to it see WJCMOBILELICENSE, for example. I tried AND([DATE]>TODAY()-2,OR([SOURCE]=“WJC”,[DESTINATION]=“WJC”,“WJCMOBILELICENSE”)) but I got an error saying ‘must be a yes/no arguement’

Ok I’ve gone with AND(([DATE]>TODAY()-2),(OR([SOURCE]=WJC,(OR([DESTINATION]=WJC,[DESTINATION]=WJCmobilelicense,[DESTINATION]=threaprigmobilelicense))))) which has been cleared by the expression checker, but the app itself is struggling to connect to my google sheet…

Try something like…

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