Add a return carriage to a text field

I have a TEXT field on a form and I would like the text to be formatted across two lines, like this:

Name of Person Involved
(Last, First, Middle Initial)

But, AppSheet wants to wrap text. How can I add a return at the end of the word “involved?” I have tried a concatenante formulate but I am having no luck.


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Change the type to LongText, they support line breaks.

You’ll be able to concatenate things then:

"Name of person Involved
(", [Last], ", ", [First], ", ", [Middle Initial], ")"

This worked! Thank you so much!

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This doesn’t seem to work anymore…

Hi @tsambruni
Could you post a screen shot of your expression. Did it work previously?

Hi, haven’t tried this previously.
I was looking for a way to split concatenated fields over multiple lines, then i found this post.
Anyway, in my case i set up a calculated column as long text to be displayed in a card layout field:

CONCATENATE("Line1 ", [Value1], "

 Line2: ", [Value2])

But it keeps displaying inline…

Card views cannot display line breaks.


Thanks for clarifying