Add a "Row filter condition" in chart UX

Started working on my charts and need to create a lot of slices to get them to show just the right things.

Would it be possible to add a “Row filter condition” straight into the chart UX that determines if the row is used for that specific chart?

It would be immensely powerful and keep the app nice and tidy with a lot less slices that are only used one time for the explicit purpose of manipulating just that chart.

Example: I have a piechart that aggregates values of one column while showing another. In some cases the Value column is 0 and if it is the other column is blank. That means I get a [blank] category on the piechart UX that has a color but no slice. I can easily make a slice that gives me the table with no blanks but I have a lot of charts that I would like fine tune like this and that means I will get a crap load of slices.

Have you tried to use LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() so you would not need to create slices?

Sounds verry interesting! Thanks! Do you know of an example?

I’m not on my laptop now and can’t try it. But I use a dashboard with lots of charts that gets dynamicly filtered with ref columns. As I remember I can only add existing UX charts to my dash and therefor I can not use this linktofilteredview there?

Yes that’s correct with Dashboard views.